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Chicken with carrots and sauce, recipes with photos

This recipe, like many others, turned out spontaneously. Peeled carrots remained, peeled and not yet chopped onions. Well, do not throw away the same? And then the half-hens – also nowhere to attach.

And in such cases I have a rule – we connect, without looking! Someone would tell me that I would be so happy to pick up carrots? Yes, I would not believe in life. And then … Yes, and onions, and a lot! But it was impossible to do otherwise. Yummy is out!

Time for preparing: about an hour and a half, although much depends on what to cook

Complexity: what’s so complicated about it – chopped, everything was stitched in a frying pan

For the sauce
– 1 tsp. vegetable oil
– 1 tsp. honey
– 1 tsp. soy sauce
– some vinegar
– to taste spices
– greenery

Working process

Of course, let’s start with what requires long processing. Yes, it’s chicken. I had several parts.

To cook them delicious, it is not enough just to boil or fry. So I made two sauces. One was for a hen. Mixed diluted honey, vegetable oil, dripped a bit of soy sauce and poured spices.

Rubbing pieces of meat with this mixture, and overlaid with finely tuned garlic, I took up the vegetables. In my dish the main character was supposed to be a carrot. I wanted an experiment. Since I have a garnish out of it, it means that you should not shallow it? That cut and large and long.

Although I focused on the carrot, I also put on the onions no less. It was Crimean, tasty and beautiful. At first, I made him.

Then for a minute, poured a solution of vegetable oil and a small amount of vinegar. Left for a minute in this sauce.

It remains to fry the chicken separately, dried it from the sauce. I first poured the oil in a saucepan, heated it tightly.

And then fried meat (on both sides to brown crust) and carrots with onions separately. By the way, I diced here and finely chopped regular onions.

Mixing all these products, I shook everything under the lid for about 5 minutes, because everything was roasted beforehand. The taste is matchless! And they made it so and honey, and onions, and sauces are delicious.

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