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Chicken with bananas and bell peppers recipes with photos

The recipe for today from the category of simple-simple! But cool.

And combines what I love. Chicken and bananas. Bananas are generally my secret passion. Only here something recently they come across some tasteless, fresh and soapy. Therefore, when in the store I meet decent specimens (small, sunny yellow and fragrant), I immediately grab a huge bundle of them. And eat. And my husband is eating. And sonny eats. When I get bored, and I still have a couple of bananas in the fridge, I cook something like this dish.


    To begin, take the chicken filleshechki, cut into portions and slightly discourage. Very slightly.

    Pickle and salt.

    Fold the chicken rolls, fix with a toothpick.
    To make it tastier, each such roll can be slightly fried in vegetable oil. To make it more useful, no need to fry (I’m on a diet, I did not).

    We slightly grease the form, put rolls tightly, if the filling remains, we distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the chicken.
    Sprinkle with olive oil on top (ideally, if the oil is in a bottle with a dispenser, it will cover the entire surface of the chicken and will not give surplus) and send in the oven for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes, pour the chicken with the juice formed in the process.

    We serve on lettuce leaves as an independent dish or with some side dish, mashed potatoes, for example, perfectly emphasizes all this beauty.

    I cooked this chicken for gatherings with my girlfriends, my friends were with children. So, 3 fastidious boys, who are usually persuaded to eat for songs and dances, dare to clean up my chicken.

    I was pleased!

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