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Chicken stewed with plums and vegetables, recipes with photos

Recipes for stews with vegetables are very common in our kitchen. But I decided to add something of my own. Thus was born a hearty lunch with chicken, stewed vegetables and plums.

Plums this year make me happy with their harvest. Therefore, I try to use them everywhere. I have already tried plums in baking, made jam from them, stewed with apples. And then she began to add caviar. I really liked the combination of stewed vegetables and plums.

A chicken dish just will not spoil. For this recipe I used chicken drumsticks. Took them by the number of eaters. But you can use any other part of the chicken, it is not fundamentally important.

Time for preparing – 1 hour.

Let’s start cooking the dish by taking a cast-iron cauldron in which we will put out all the ingredients. First, lay out chicken drumsticks. They need a little salt so that they do not fall apart in the cooking process.

Peel the onions and cut them into large pieces.

Eggplant and paprika also chop coarsely. Vegetables will be cut so that they are felt in the dish.

Zucchini cleared from the skin cut into large quarters.

Cabbage nashinkuem. Her hands need a little crush and grind with salt.

When the legs are slightly browned, combine all the vegetables together.

And at the end add pitted plums and basil leaves.
Cover the cauldron with a lid, reduce the heat and simmer our vegetables with chicken for about 30 minutes until fully cooked. Be sure to adjust the taste with salt and spices. You can add a little garlic and bay leaf.

It turned out good, hearty and healthy dish. You can call everyone at the table!

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