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Chicken pancakes with apple and cheese, recipes with photos

Good day to all participants of Alimero! Today’s my recipe is designed for those of you who, like me, love chicken breasts and all sorts of dishes from them! 😉

The process of their preparation is simple – not at all more difficult than chicken pancakes according to other recipes or any meatballs. From improvised means you need a meat grinder, a grater, a knife and a frying pan 🙂

The undoubted advantage of this recipe is that all products are available and at the same time are quite diverse for such a dish as pancakes.

* I fry exclusively on notrefined oil. Actually, I do not use refined at all. Besides the fact that it has no taste and benefit (since all nutrients and vitamins are removed), it is also harmful.

In the process of so-called cleansing, a petrochemical solvent is used, which is not a fact that it is 100% evaporated, leaving no traces behind. Then an alkaline solution and diatomaceous earth (diatomite impregnated with nitroglycerin) are added to the oil.

Personally, I do not want to shove it all into my body. And the taste and aroma of good sunflower oil is very pleasant. As an alternative to frying pancakes, I can offer lard. This is at least a completely natural product.

Breast cleared of skin and washed under cool water.

Separated the meat from the bone. Peeled onions and garlic. Chicken fillet, apple and onion cut into pieces.

Scrolled all 4 components through the meat grinder.

I chopped a cheese on a large grater, laid it out with minced meat and sour cream (the fat content is better to take about 20%).

Stirred up. Poured salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Vymesila thoroughly. On a frying pan heated with sunflower oil, I laid out minced meat with a spoon, forming pancakes.

Fried on both sides until cooked.

Fritters are very tender! They will appeal to fans of healthy eating, losing weight and lovers of chicken. By the way, the next day, in the cooled form, their wonderful taste is revealed in a new way. I was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

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