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Chicken in Indian recipes with photos

Today I cooked a chicken. And I decided not to use my boring recipes, but to cook an unusual dish. The chicken turned out to be so fragrant that I will do it more than once.

As always, when I want to cook something new, I try to find those recipes that can be prepared here and now, and not yet run to the store, and then start to cook with a tired look when you already want to lie down in front of the TV.

So the chicken for this recipe is prepared from ordinary products, which, for example, I have, are always at hand.

To prepare 4 servings you need:

    Chicken salt and sprinkle with spices. Mix well and send it to fry to the onions under the lid on a small fire.

    After half an hour of stewing under a periodically open lid, add ginger to the chicken.

    Fill the chicken with yogurt and send another 20-30 minutes to prepare.

    Cover is not covered. 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking add garlic and cilantro.

    The finished dish goes well with rice.

    Especially liked this dish my child. He practically does not eat porridge with gravy. And today I asked for a supplement. It says a lot! My husband and I also enjoyed tasting the Indian dish and were pleased. Especially glad spices, which soaked juicy meat.

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