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Chicken, baked with apples in the oven, recipes with photos

I love the weekend. Even now, when temporarily not working. On weekends we have the opportunity for the whole family to gather at the table, and this is so great! For a dinner together, we prepared a chicken stuffed with apples, baked in the oven today. I hasten to share my recipe with you, dear readers Alimero. The recipe is not complicated at all.

So, what we needed:

1. Rub the dried and dried chicken with a mixture of salt, ground pepper and seasoning. Inside, too, you can rub a little.

2. Three cloves of garlic squeeze through the garlic press and grease the chicken with a mixture of garlic and olive oil.

3. Lay in the carcass apples, onions, coarsely chopped clove of garlic. Very tight stuff is not worth it.

4. We sew the chicken with cotton thread, folded in four.

5. Tie the chicken legs eight. Then the place where the threads intersect is additionally wrapped to secure.

6. Carefully fill the wings so that they do not protrude and not burned.

7. We spread the beauty on a baking sheet. It is not necessary to lubricate it, soon enough fat will be drawn from the chicken so as not to stick. But the chicken itself can finally be oiled. Put in a heated oven (180 degrees).

After the fat begins to be heated from the chicken, it is necessary to water the whole chicken every 20 minutes so that the skin does not dry out and an appetizing crust is formed.

After 2-2.5 hours, you can get, cut the thread and lay out on plates.

Actually, I would change the recipe a little. I would put prunes and some walnuts instead of onions – a win-win!

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