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Sour cream bagels, recipes with photos

For me, this is a recipe that smells of childhood … Immediately I recall the village and my beloved grandmother, who spoiled me with such bagels.

Now I periodically indulge my baby and husband with such baking. It turns out moderately sweet and comes to taste for both the child and the husband. To be honest, I let you eat just a couple of pieces, since the bagels are high in calories.

The recipe is very simple, products, as a rule, are always at hand, or rather, in the refrigerator. For cooking bagels, I attract a child. He helps me to knead and form rolls.

Bagels are kept in the fridge for a rather long time if they are not attacked by the children and the husband.

Time for preparing: 1 hour 20 minutes (of which 30 minutes the dough just lies in the fridge)

First, I melt the butter. For these purposes, I prefer to use a microwave.

Then I mix butter, egg and sour cream.

To the mixture I add flour and soda. Soda I pre-quenched with vinegar.

As a result, I get a fairly soft dough that does not stick to my hands.

For half an hour I put the dough in the fridge.

For the filling, I use a mixture of walnuts and sugar.

I grind nuts. Most convenient for me to do this with a large knife.

After half an hour I take the dough out of the fridge and divide it into four parts. I roll each part with a rolling pin. I divide the round layer of dough into 8 parts.

On the edge of each sector, I spread the filling and turn the bagel towards the center.

Bagels I spread on tracing paper on a baking sheet. I bake bagels at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

Ruddy bagels, I sprinkle with powdered sugar. I do not have to call anyone for tea, because the aroma of this delicious pastry is all homemade people resort to.

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