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Simple pizza dough without yeast, recipes with photos

Perhaps everyone loves pizza, and it is difficult to find someone who would be indifferent to it. At least I have not met such;)

Pizza is good in everything: you can cook it for gatherings with friends, and for your family; depending on the reason for which it is prepared, you can make gourmet – with seafood, for example, or salmon, or the most common – with sausage or with mushrooms … In general, pizza filling is a topic for a separate topic, as with it You can experiment to infinity.

I also love pizza. Sometimes, in order not to spend a lot of time on its preparation, I make an express variant – in a frying pan, for example, with a lot of cheese and with mushrooms.

But this option is mainly suitable for family gatherings, as I have a small frying pan, and this is not enough for a large pizza company. When I cook it for friends, I bake a pizza in the oven and use my favorite option for making dough without yeast.

I like this recipe for its speed and simplicity. And the fact that in the finished pizza the base turns out to be thin, and I just adore a thin baked dough and a large amount of juicy, delicious filling under a thick layer of hot, crumbly and melted cheese! Mmmm!

In general, if you also like pizza on a thin dough without yeast, then here is the easiest recipe for you. Easier and faster, I have not met, to be honest. And as with any test, in principle, I have a complicated relationship, then you can believe me, there are really no difficulties and problems in it, and it always turns out, because here it is simply impossible to do something wrong.

Time for preparing – exactly 10 minutes

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