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Simple dough for dumplings, recipes with photos

The usual dough for ravioli is cooked very simply and quickly. The most important thing in preparing such a dough is to wash it very well. Then it will be strong and elastic. This dough can also be used for dumplings. And I sometimes do chebureks on its basis. But its main purpose is dumplings. Like it or not, but still it is a dumpling dough!

Time for preparing: 30 min.

Working process:

Previously, my grandmother had a special board for making dumplings – large and wide, such that it covered almost the entire table. Now I don’t have such a board, and I have to sculpt dumplings and roll over the juice using small standard kitchen boards.

If you have such a dumpling board, then you can start the dumpling dough directly on it. And if not, then pour the flour into a deep container or directly on the table. Naturally, the tabletop should be absolutely clean and dry.

You can also pour the flour on dosochku or in a cup. Personally, I use a medium-sized enameled pelvis, which I have adapted specifically for kneading dough.

After the flour has been poured, a small depression should be made in the center.

Now you need to wash well with soap or with a special means chicken egg.

Then in the center of the recess we break a raw chicken egg. I usually do this by hitting an egg on the edge of a plate or neatly smashing it in the middle with a knife. Ensure that shell fragments do not fall into the flour.

Now add salt. And start kneading the dough.

Pour some cold water. Stir.

Pour some more silent water. Stir again. And so on until we have a strong and elastic dough.

You may have to add flour, so you need to have it in stock. I did not add flour, it turned out to immediately determine the right amount of flour and water and did not have to add anything.

Very good we pint dough. For this you can use a rolling pin. Roll back and collect the dough several times. So it is better to miss and become more elastic.

When the dough is kneaded, leave it to rest a little. To do this, put the dough in a plastic bag or in a closed container and put it in the fridge.

After 2 hours, remove the dough. We skim it one more time and now you can proceed to further actions – roll out the dough, divide it into pieces, put the stuffing inside and make dumplings.

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