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Simple cottage cheese cookies, recipes with photos

Curd baking always pleased me with its simplicity. No need to wait for the dough to freeze or start to rise, like yeast, for example. Cottage cheese dough is very gentle and quickly baked. It makes beautiful cakes or buns. And today I was cooking cottage cheese cookies.
It turned out very tasty, can not wait to share with you his recipe.

For this cookie, we need cottage cheese and nuts. Nuts will shade creamy taste of cottage cheese and give a delicate flavor to the liver.

For the recipe we take the following products:

    Time for preparing – 40 minutes
    Complexity – pretty easy
    Algorithm cooking:

    I prepared the nuts in advance. Glasses will be quite enough. Before I used them in the dough, I ground them. This can be done in various ways, I prefer a blender. But since there is no such thing, a kitchen napkin and a rolling pin are perfect.

    In a separate container she combined eggs and sugar. Beat them for about 3 minutes with a mixer until white mass.

    Took the cottage cheese home. For this recipe, wet and fat cottage cheese will do; dry will not give such softness to the liver. Introduced cottage cheese to the egg mixture, beat it together with the egg and sugar.

    Next, she poured nuts, but not all. Little left for later. Stir the mixture. Added a spoon of soda.

    And at the end of the batch put a couple more pieces of butter.

    She poured flour at the end and kneaded a soft dough. Flour, I took 2 cups, but I warn you that you may need a little more, so just in case, prepare another half cup.

    Prepared a baking sheet. She covered it with paper and smeared it with oil. On the sheet rolled out the dough with a thickness of 2-3 mm. Top sprinkled layer with the remaining nuts and sugar. The oven warmed up and sent there a baking sheet for 20 minutes. Cookies cut in the form of heat and served to the table with tea.

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