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Simple coconut cookies, recipes with photos

Those who do not recognize pastries with an abundance of flour, can try a great alternative – coconut cookies. It is exactly what you want to eat, treat, give. It is soft and juicy, crispy on the outside, ruddy and appetizing.

It is important that this cookie is very fast to prepare. In total, the whole process will take 40 minutes. The dough does not need to be left alone for 20 minutes. Just knead the dough and you can already bake cookies. This simple recipe will appeal to many hostesses.

7. Formed cookies medium size. If the blanks are too small, then the cookies are overdried.

8. Cookies are made from coconut chips for about 30 minutes. Readiness can be determined by changing the appearance of the blanks. They should be golden.

9. Pastry should be removed, cool. It is served cold or lukewarm. At will it is possible to decorate with white or milk chocolate.

As you can see, these cookies are quick and easy to prepare. They will be a great addition to tea.

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