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Rye bread on sourdough raisin, recipes with photos

Six months ago, my mother began to bake bread, and since then in their house you will not see the shop! It became extremely interesting to me if I could cope with this responsible task. The first experience was not very successful, but at the second attempt I got real rye sourdough bread from raisins!

Time for preparing: 5 days (5 days for 15 minutes plus 70–80 minutes for baking).

Complexity: average.

Sourdough for rye bread is done in a few days.

First day: wash the raisin kish-mish.

Then add 100 g of rye flour to the water with grated raisins.

Stir well.

In a day in the tank there will be a slightly gurgling mass with a characteristic wine-kvass smell.

The third day: pour 100 ml of warm water into the leaven and put 100 g of flour.

Knead so that there are no lumps left.

Fourth day: as on the third day, I add 100 ml of warm water and 100 g of flour to the leaven and mix it thoroughly.

Fifth day: in 100 ml of warm water I pour out 20–25 g of instant yeast.
I stir it up. Then put the same sugar and salt, mix.

Then add it to the sourdough container.

Stir, then add vegetable oil.

And once again mix.

Next, I pour out 400 g of rye flour.

Knead the dough.

Now I spread the dough into the form, distributing it evenly. Since my form is non-stick, it is not necessary to oil it, otherwise the bread will have a fried crust.

The form can be the most diverse, the main thing is that it should be high enough so that the dough has doubled.

Then with the help of a silicone paddle, I water the top edge of the dough with water and leave it in the shape of an hour and a half.

When the dough has doubled, it is time to put it in an oven that has already been heated to 200–210 degrees.

After 70–90 minutes, fragrant bread is ready!

I take the form out of the oven and grease the upper crust with water.

And leave the bread to cool off in the open air. An hour and a half later, I put the bread in a bag.

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