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Roses from dough with minced fish, recipes with photos

Hello dear participants of the site alimero.ru, today I decided to share with you one of my favorite recipes – rosettes of dough with minced fish.

It is not difficult to prepare, however, time consuming (due to the test). But I found a way out of this situation: I cook with a reserve, some of the roses on the same day, and some of them are frozen in plastic containers, so that on any day you can get an almost ready dish from the freezer and put it in a double boiler, and lunch is ready! The dish turns out very tasty and satisfying.

Products that we need for cooking:

For filling:

    For the test:
    – egg – 2 pcs.
    – water – 300 ml
    – salt
    – flour

    Degree of difficulty: medium.

    Cooking time: 1 hour.

    To begin with, knead the dough, like dumplings. It should get quite tight and not stick to your hands. Let him stand for 15 minutes.

    We rub potatoes on a coarse grater, add minced fish to it and mix everything thoroughly.

    Next, we take a small lump of dough and roll a flat cake, the thickness is the same as that of dumplings or dumplings, about 20 cm in diameter. Then cut this flat cake into strips, the width of the strip is approximately 3.5 cm. Then divide the strip in half, i.e. its length will be about 10 cm (no longer needed, otherwise the test will be too much).

    Now we put minced fish in the center of the strip with a thin layer.

    We twist the strip, so that we get a rosette. The bottom must be carefully closed up so that the juice does not flow, make the rosette steady and put it in a double boiler.

    Do the same with the rest of the stripes.

    Since I put dishes in a steamer on 2 floors, then I set the time 50 minutes, if you cook a smaller amount (1st floor), you can put 40-45 minutes (so that the dough boils well).

    Next, sprinkle our dish with greens and serve hot on the table (I recommend with sour cream).

    That’s all, enjoy your meal and warm family evenings.

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