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Rice bread in the bread maker, recipes with photos

Today I cooked amazing rice bread. I found the recipe in one of the books for young bakers, where I learned a lot of interesting things about making bread in a bread maker and oven.

As always, I will begin with the praise of a helper, who bakes bread for us every day and it turns out that she is just perfect. Porous pastries with a light texture and appetizing taste – this is how any bread that a bakery makes.

She does this because she maintains the desired temperature during the preparation of the dough and makes several breaks to saturate the dough with oxygen. In the photo you yourself can see the result, but it is impossible to count all the holes in such a bread.

To make rice bread in a bread maker, the following products are needed:

    Cooking time: 3 hours
    Difficulty of preparation: medium

    This recipe is not basic, so you should not start familiarizing yourself with a bread maker with similar recipes. You do not think anything, because bread turns out very tasty. But the whole result of labor depends on how thick you will use the dairy rice porridge for the test.

    The process of making a bun in the form will need to be controlled and added flour (or water, which is very rare) during its kneading.

    If you bake bread in a bread maker not for the first time and you know how to make a bun, then you will be satisfied with the rice bread recipe and will distribute it among your acquaintances.

    Milk rice porridge should be quite thin.

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