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Recipe Charlotte with apples, recipes with photos

Ask me for the recipe for the simplest and quickest cake, and I will answer: This is a charlotte with apples! Of course, this is not the charlotte that the French invented, which was a white bread dish with fruit, liqueur and whipped cream.

This is not a charlotte from Soviet-era cookbooks, where stale white bread with apples was poured with egg-milk mixture. This is a very easy to prepare cake, for which products will always be in the fridge.

Baking this cake, I began another years in fourteen. At that time, we had a subject in home schooling and a very good teacher who taught us everything: to sew, knit, cook. She shared this recipe with us, since then I cook it often and without measure (you can’t spoil my baking piece anymore, you can only support it).

Ingredients for Apple Charlotte:

1 cup flour
1 cup of sugar
3 eggs
2-3 apples
small piece of butter or margarine
vanilla or cinnamon (optional)

Time for preparing: 40-50 minutes.
Degree of difficulty – minimal.

First, beat the eggs with sugar and vanilla until the mass is whitened. A fuller charlotte is obtained if it is done with a mixer, a blender or in a combine, but when there were no such assistants, everything was perfectly beaten up with an ordinary whisk.

Add flour and beat again until smooth and creamy. The beauty of this cake is that neither baking powder, nor soda are needed here, the dough will rise by itself.

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