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Pogachitsa – Serbian bread, recipes with photos

I found this amazing type of Serbian bread for myself quite by accident, but it is so masterpiece that I am very happy with this find. With a special sense of pleasure, I suggest everyone learn how to bake a pachachitsa.

And it all started with the fact that in the recipe book I read the recipe for pachachitsa, which was prepared without the use of a bread machine. From the moment I got this assistant, I was completely lazy and kneaded the dough myself.

I had to look for the necessary measures on the bakers’ forum to knead the dough in the oven. The girls’ reviews just hit me, so I immediately took the right ingredients, loaded it into the bread maker and waited the necessary one and a half hours waiting for a miracle to prepare the dough.

It was also necessary to wait half an hour to make the dough fit, and half an hour to bake. Girls, this wonderful bread has risen 4 times! The taste is simply divine! Cook it using bread makers or without them, but at least once try to cook this wonderful loaf.

The following products are necessary for cooking:

    We divide it into 12 parts.

    From each piece we make a flat cake and dunk it on both sides into a warm margarine.

    Spread tortillas with chamomile and sprinkle with sesame.

    Leave the dough for 30 minutes to rest under the towel.

    We bake for about 30 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees (180 degrees if there is a convection function).

    Pogachitsa can be cut into segments and eat, but it is more delicious to divide bread into flat cakes and so eat.

    Bon appetit, girls!

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