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Pies with apple, raisins and nuts, recipes with photos

In the Jewish cuisine they prepare a variety of baked yeast pastries, which is very close to me. Yeast dough I always get better than its other types.

In general, the love of baking instilled in me from early childhood, my mother. She spoiled us with cakes, buns and delicious cakes and bagels. Even as a little girl, I helped my mother to knead the dough and make first cookies, cakes and rolls out of it.

I remember that I always had a very kind attitude to such an exercise. I am already almost thirty, and I still remember this quivering feeling. It is especially clearly remembered at the moments of kneading dough. At such moments I seem to fall into childhood and remember all the words of learning my mommy.

I think that this is the main secret of wonderful products from yeast dough. I love to bake from yeast dough!

So yesterday I decided to bake pies with filling, which my brother told me about (he lives in Israel). Besides the fact that they are very tasty, the pies are also useful (everyone knows about the benefits of raisins, nuts and apples).

The following products are necessary for cooking:

    For the filling required:
    – 5-6 apples
    – 0.5 cup of raisins
    – 0.5 cup nuts
    – 5-6 tbsp. dry decoy
    – sugar to taste

    Cook the dough straight way.

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