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Lean dough with semolina from Richard Bertine, recipes with photos

Richard Bertine – French Master of everything related to baking. From delicious brioches to country bread. He has a special approach and a special technique in working with dough. About his recipes and about the Master himself you can find enough information on the Internet. I will share one of his many recipes, which I have noted for myself as very successful. Now, during the Fast, this recipe is the most relevant.

The following products will be needed to make Richard Bertine’s prescription dough:

    Degree of difficulty: easy

    Time for preparing: 1 hour

    Mixed dry ingredients in a bowl: yeast, sifted flour, semolina and salt. Hands rubbed all the components together.
    In the center of the dry components made a depression and poured sunflower oil.

    Water is heated in the microwave (no more than 37 degrees) and added to all other components.
    Started kneading dough. The dough is rather sticky, but the author categorically prohibits the addition of extra flour during kneading. For convenience when working with such sticky dough smeared hands with vegetable oil.

    The technique of kneading dough according to Richard Bertine is not quite usual and familiar to us. We are used to kneading dough with palms, he also recommends for kneading the technique of stretching and saturating it with oxygen. In a nutshell it looks like this: stretched – folded – stretched – folded. At the end of the kneading, the dough became less sticky, at the same time soft, smooth and elastic.

    Rolled the resulting dough into a bowl, laid out in a bowl and left in a warm place, covering it with film.

    The dough does not contain baking, so it grows fast enough. After half an hour, the dough had already risen sufficiently. It is quite light and porous.
    This dough is suitable for any savory pastry: bread, baguettes, hamburger buns (including lean ones), pies and pies.

    Very interesting what role in this test played semolina? For me personally, it remains a mystery. Write in the comments if you know the answer))).

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