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Christmas cookies with icing, recipes with photos

That was a wonderful celebration of the Nativity of Christ! And the cookies, which I planned to bake on the 7th, remained only in the plans … But I decided to make up for lost time at Christmas time – it’s about time! 😉

About a year ago I already told you about how I had a mold in the form of a Christmas boot. Then I made savory biscuits and decorated it with tomato paste and cheese. And this year I wanted a sweet and fragrant option … so I decided to use icing and cinnamon! I share the result! 😉

Level of difficulty: small

Time for preparing: 1 hour 10 minutes

First, I put together the dry ingredients – sifted flour (as long as 1 cup), sugar, salt, soda and cinnamon. The amount of sugar can be increased to taste. In my enough just three tablespoons to biscuit turned out moderately sweet.

Cinnamon in the amount of 0.5 tsp. I also think the best solution. So it is felt in baking, gives it flavor and benefit.

All bulk ingredients are thoroughly mixed. It also broke the egg and added some mayonnaise.

And then, taken out of the refrigerator in advance and cut into pieces of butter.

In the process of kneading added about half a cup of flour. Got elastic shiny dough.

I rolled it out and cut out my boots.

Cut the dough into a ball and put it on a new layer.

To lubricate the baking sheet, she connected sunflower oil with a small amount of water. Laid out cookies and sent to the preheated 200’C oven for 10 minutes. This time was enough for me to make the cookies roast from the bottom and redden from above. The main thing – do not overdry.

Gave the liver to cool, and she took up the icing. I used the store, and you can make your own from cocoa, sugar and butter.

I put a bag of icing for about 10 minutes in very warm water. Then she squeezed the part into a small container, where each cooled boot was dipped, thus making him a chocolate rim on all sides.

If such a boot is simply laid out on a plate or board, then the icing from the bottom of the boot will most likely remain on porcelain or wood. So that she does not move away from the boots, I decided to lay them on the edge of the tray – baboutMost of the cookies were on it, and the top was out.

Boots enough to lie so just a few minutes, so that the frosting froze, and nothing threatened her))

This baking is great for both children and adults – checked))

Fragrant cookies ready! You can call friends for tea or go on a visit with such a treat! 😉

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