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Cakes with plums, recipes with photos

In continuation of the exciting floral theme in the kitchen of Alimero, I think that the topic dedicated to the preparation of very simple, but very nice and tasty cakes with plums will not be superfluous.

Such a dessert will certainly decorate any table, and even if you wish, you can create a whole bouquet from it – it will look very beautiful and spectacular.

Basically, this cake just a push for your further culinary experiments: the dough here can be any (shortbread or puff), the filling can also be prepared to your taste (or even just fill the baskets with jam), and for rose petals we can use the same blanched apples, peaches or nectarines in season, kiwi.

If I may, I am pleased to tell you about my experiences in the kitchen in the process of making these flower cakes.

The products I used:

The degree of difficulty of the recipe: somewhere average

Required time: not less than an hour

The order of our actions:

First of all, we need to bake baskets for a future dessert – for this, I cut out dough pieces with metal cake molds, filled them with beans (this could be peas / lentils) and sent them to be baked. We need the load so that the baskets are not deformed in the baking process.

Ready baskets must be completely cooled.

I decided to make stuffing for dessert from cottage cheese, sour cream and powdered sugar. For this, I wiped the curd through a sieve and connected it with the other components – it turned out to be a delicate creamy mass.

Baskets filled with ready-made curd cream.

And then she began to decorate them. To do this, washed plums (I have already noted that they must be as hard as possible) cut in half, removed the bones and cut them into thin stripes.

A basket of cream began to fill plum slices from the wide edge to the center in a circle with a slight overlap of each next to the previous one. Thus, we have a beautiful rose.

When serving ready-made dessert, I decorated it with mint leaves.

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