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A simple cake with a lemon note unleavened Easter baking, recipes with photos

Today I want to talk about how you can cook a beautiful and tasty Easter cake without using yeast. For him we will prepare the batter for the dough with the use of thick homemade cream, and decorate with melted chocolate and colorful decorations! Baking will turn out lush, tasty and very elegant!

In order to bake a delicious, non-yeast-free Easter cake on cream, you and I will need:

To decorate the cake I propose to use:

The complexity of such baking: minimal

How much time is needed: in total – about an hour

The course proposed during the preparation of yeast-free Easter cake on the cream of action:

First of all, in a deep, convenient to use corolla dishes, break 2 chicken eggs.

Next, mix 150 g of regular sugar and a bag of vanilla. Pour this mixture to the eggs.

Beat everything with a whisk – sugar should dissolve as much as possible.

Now we lay out the cream – I have it very thick, because they are homemade.

Beat everything again with the help of an electric kettle.

We will have this Easter baking with a marvelous citrus aroma – to do this, remove the zest from one well-washed lemon and chop it. I always use the smallest bowl of the blender for this.

Now pour out the crushed lemon zest to a creamy egg mass and mix.

It remains only to sift the flour mixed with baking powder and re-equip with an electric furnace.

Here is the dough for our yeast-free Easter cake and it’s done.

We fill it with a baking dish – I have silicone that has been tested over the years with a hole in the center.

Now we put the form filled with dough into the oven with a temperature of 190 degrees and bake for 35-40 minutes. To make sure that the cake is ready, I suggest using a wooden skewer.

A slightly cooled cake is carefully removed from the mold and completely cooled.

You can decorate with sugar or chocolate icing – I preferred the second option, and decorated it with a multi-colored Easter decoration on top.

Cook with pleasure!

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