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Pollock Fish Cakes, Recipes With Photos

Everyone knows how and what useful fish products. And since my children are not very fond of fish, the cutlets perfectly save me in this situation. I usually cook them in the oven or in a double boiler.

The pollock meat is moderately fat, easily separated from the bones, so I often use this fish. But the recipe that my mom shared with me is suitable for any kind of seafood. And how to cook the chops – fry, bake or soar – you decide.

Time for preparing: 1 hour.

Degree of difficulty: average.

For cooking fish cutlets we will need:

    Cooking method:

    Fish clean, wash. Split fillets.

    Using a meat grinder (you can use any of the available electrical appliances, such as a blender, food processor, or grinder), I used the usual Soviet, we twist the fish fillets.

    We shift the prepared fish mass into a deep container. Also in the meat grinder we twist a piece of lard.

    Onions are peeled and minced in a meat grinder.

    All twisted ingredients are mixed in a bowl until smooth, to which we add the egg.

    White bread is soaked for a few minutes in a small amount of milk.

    Squeeze out the milk and add the softened bread to the minced fish, salt and pepper to taste.

    Pour flour in a plate.
    We make cutlets from mincemeat, roll it all over in flour.

    We spread on a baking sheet, greased with vegetable oil.
    Prepared semi-finished products are baked in the oven at 200 degrees until ready.
    Also, these burgers can be fried in a pan in vegetable oil or cooked in a double boiler.

    Serve hot with any side dish.
    Enjoy your meal.

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