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Fish with wild garlic, recipes with photos

The children brought me a large packet of wild garlic from relatives. I got used to green leaves that look like lilies of the valley, and there are others: larger, fairly dense and without a petiole, but with garlic taste and smell, like the usual wild garlic. It turned out that this is just another kind, not a bear bow, but a victorious bow.

With wild garlic you can make not only a variety of salads, it is very tasty and as an additive to main dishes. For example, it gives fish a special taste and piquancy.

For cooking fish with wild garlic, we need: 1 kg of fish, 1 onion, bunch of garlic, 2 tbsp. spoons of tomato paste, salt, pepper, sugar, flour for breading, sunflower oil for frying.

Time for preparing:
40 minutes.
Degree of difficulty: minimal.

First, we fry the fish in the traditional way. To do this, as usual, we process the fish, scrub the insides and remove the fins with the tail, cut portions into pieces, sprinkle with salt and pepper, leave a little to soak.

We pan fish in flour.

Heat the pan with butter, lay out the pieces, brown on both sides.

While the fish is fried, we clean the onions, cut them into half rings or in small pieces and fry in a separate pan until the onions are caked.

My ramson, dry them with a napkin and chop across the leaves. Ramson add to the bow.

It is not necessary to fry the ramson, so we try to prepare all the necessary ingredients so that they are laid one by one. Here we need immediately after adding wild garlic to pour onions with tomato filling.

You can use ready-made ketchup, slightly diluted with water, or tomato paste, also diluted with water, but in which you definitely need to add salt and sugar to taste.

Stir in the tomato sauce with onions and wild garlic and pour into the pan with the fried fish. Now we need to extinguish all this until the sauce thickens. Since we fish pancake before frying in flour, it contributes to the process of thickening.

This fish is good with any side dish: potatoes, rice, pasta. It is distinguished by juiciness and aroma, a pleasant tint of taste due to the presence of wild garlic.

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