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Fish soup, recipes with photos

My dad is a wonderful fisherman. Since childhood, I used to eat fish, which half an hour ago, swam in the pond. The taste of this fish is special, you can’t compare it with purchased store fish.

When I left my native town to live in another city, it became more difficult to find a fresh fish of good quality. Last time, when I came to visit my parents, dad went fishing early on a specially early morning and caught a huge carp. With the head and tail, we decided to cook a fish soup. The recipe, of course, I hasten to share with you.

For cooking fish yushki necessary such products:

    Peel parsley root and throw it into the pot with potatoes.

    Peel carrots and onions. Finely chop them. Slightly fry in a pan with a small amount of vegetable oil. Adding a fry to our bottle.

    Cut the peeled fish into portions, which are sent to the egg 10 minutes before the potatoes are ready.

    Before turning off, add fresh greens, which are pre-finely chopped.

    Fish soup is poured into plates and served hot.
    Most of all I like to drink such a fishtail from a big mug, without adding vegetables to it. And let them say that fish soup is a dish that you need to cook in nature in a pot, but in the kitchen it turns out delicious, if you cook from a very fresh fish.

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