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Fish pike cutlets, recipes with photos

Fish is useful. Fish is delicious. Someone likes fish, someone not so. Noble fish is a bang, and simple fish are beee. Salmon is a holiday. Salmon is a fat unpleasant thing. Mackerel is the most delicious fish in the world. Mackerel smells unpleasant fish oil … You know, fish leaves no one indifferent, but opinions are divided diametrically. I am not ready to discuss this topic, I know only one thing: everybody likes fish cakes according to this verified recipe.

The recipe was cherished by Elena Chekalova. Elena has a blog (which is great, but it’s not always clear from the blog if it’s true that it’s delicious) and a restaurant – but here you can already come and run your tentacles. I love fish, I looked for the perfect burgers, stumbled, believed – and found the opportunity to come to the restaurant to try them.

It was winter. There was a frost. I went with the baby. We froze, covered with snow, quietly thawed in windproof trousers with straps over the thermal underwear and chomped cutlets. Our heads disheveled from their caps did not confuse anyone. Everyone around was busy with business – champing, like us. On this day I fell in love with Elena Chekalova and believed her. Cutlets are perfect.

Elena is generous, shares recipes in her blog. In cutlets, I reduced fat, but quality does not suffer, in my humble opinion. And you are free to choose, the original, my version or yours. Life is beautiful precisely because it gives us the freedom of choice and options.

Time for preparing: 60 minutes

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