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Fish meatballs in bean sauce, recipes with photos

In spite of my love for cutlets made from vegetables and cereals, I also cook fish cutlets from time to time. Well, as long as my body allows them to eat;)

So the other day I armed myself with a piece of fish to cook meatballs out of them. My mood was militant, so just the meatballs seemed to me to be somewhat boring. So I made a bean sauce for them – yes, yes, where without the beans;) And then all this wealth is baked in the oven.

As a result, my husband and I ate it all at once. Gluttony 🙂

So, for cooking meatballs in bean sauce you need these products:

Formed with small hands with small hands meatballs, breaded in breadcrumbs.

Laid out in a baking dish.
Now it’s time to make a bean sauce.

In general, it is recommended to add wine to most fish sauces. But honestly, I do not really like the smell and taste of the dish when it is subjected to heat treatment along with wine. Therefore, my thought flashed to add wine here, but I refused it.

So, for the sauce you need beans, because we have a bean sauce 🙂 I had boiled, but you can take canned.

Onions, along with carrots fried in vegetable oil.

Put beans, onions and carrots in the combine bowl. Salted, peppered.

Milled to a state of mashed potatoes. Added some water.

Poured meatball sauce.

Sent in a hot oven for half an hour at t o 180 about C.

That’s all, fishballs in bean sauce are ready! When serving sprinkled with fresh dill.

Enjoy your meal!

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