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Fish in Indian sauce tenga, recipes with photos

Indian cuisine is very ancient and very diverse. I am not very familiar with it, because there everything is called incomprehensible words, whatever the letters, Cyrillic or Latin, the menu would not have been written. Nevertheless, it fascinates me, and when I have the opportunity, I always grab it by the tail. I used to try the richest and most delicious dishes, made like Lakshmi itself, and an unbearable spicy overloaded with spices, everything, of course, depends on the hands of the cook. But I myself decided on such an adventure for the first time.

I was looking for a variety of menus, I wanted fish, but fried fish and baked fish were fed up. I decided to stew cod in Indian Tenga Tomato Sauce. Tenga sauce is from Assam, and they extinguish any protein, although, it seems to me, it is most suitable for fish. In the original, this sauce is quite sour and quite spicy, I, forgive, adapted it to our Slavic taste buds, reducing the content of chili by about 10 times so that the sauce filled the mouth with tangible heat, but the eyes did not jump out and the breath did not catch. Tomato acid, according to the old Italian habit, I balanced sugar. However, for India it is also a normal option.

All this event terribly pleased me. This dish is as bright and full of color as India itself. I was surprised to see how during the cooking time it changed color completely 2 times. Can you believe that this here, that in the picture, begins with a bright green, and then it becomes noticeably red? These metamorphoses were a pleasant surprise for me.
The second surprise was that in 2 days we dared 2 kg of fish, both old and young. I was ready for a different outcome, I had a proven backup option, but no. Variant missed in the refrigerator, and we ran in the morning for fish.

Time for preparing: 45 minutes

For the sauce:

– fresh cilantro – 1 bunch, finely chopped
– chilli fresh – 1.5 cm, remove the seeds, because they contain all the main zhguchest, and finely chopped; in the original, it is recommended to take two whole peppers – aaaaa!
– fresh ginger – 1 cm finely chopped (I do not like ginger, if you like it, take it more, you will not regret it)
– garlic – 10 cloves
– turmeric – 2 tsp.
– mustard in grains – 1 tsp.
– tomatoes in their own juice – 1 can (400 g)
– sugar – 1.5 tsp.
– vegetable oil – 5 tbsp.
– potatoes – 2 medium pieces. clean and cut into small cubes – 0.5 cm

For garnish:

– long-grain rice – 1 cup, better basmati, of course
– salt to taste

Output – 6 servings

Rice should be boiled, as usual, 1: 2 in salted water. It should be crumbly. Its bland taste will give you a break and dilute the rich sauce.

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