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Fish, baked in a mustard cream filling, recipes with photos

Yesterday I shared with you one of my favorite fish fillet recipes. Today it’s time to show you the second, no less favorite option. This is probably the easiest way to cook fish fillets.
By the way, if yesterday’s recipe was only suitable for white fish, then cod and pink salmon can be cooked in mustard-sour cream. And even the pollock prepared in this way will sparkle with new flavoring colors.

That’s all the ingredients of this dish. This recipe does not use vegetable oil. And even salt is not here)))

Time for preparing: 10 minutes and 45 minutes in the oven
Level of difficulty: low

Cod fillet was thawed in the microwave, washed with cold water and put in a baking dish. On each fillet made small cuts.

Lemon cut into thin quarters.

She poured fish fillets.
And put in a preheated oven for 45 minutes.

After a specified time, got the form.

Laid out the finished fillet on the dish, decorated with pickled vegetables and lemon.
I usually feed such fish with potatoes.
It turns sweet to taste, and mustard gives it a piquancy. Unusual combination!

By the way, if you do not like mustard, then it is quite possible to exclude it, and bake fish only in sour cream. So also delicious)))

Good appetite!

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